Polyurethane Spray Foam Equipment

Polyurethane Spray Foam Equipment

Reanin-K2000 is a special design, cheap and small urethane spray foam equipment, mainly used for two components urethane spray on wall and roof, ship thermal spraying and construction seam filling etc.

Product Details

Reanin-K2000 is a special design, cheap and small Polyurethane Spray Foam Equipment, mainly used for two components urethane spray on wall and roof, ship thermal spraying and construction seam filling etc.

Reanin-K2000 Polyurethane spray foam equipment is composed of mainframe, transfer pump, spray gun, heated hose and other parts. The contact fluid components are made of stainless steel and have anti-rust and anti-corrosion effects. Fully pneumatic design allows the machine to work without electricity.


















1. Reanin-k2000 polyurethane spraying and foaming equipment is designed in a compact and flexible way, especially suitable for indoor small area spraying.

2. Specially designed air self-cleaning gun, small size, light weight, low failure rate, easy operation and maintenance.

3. The equipment is equipped with overheat protection device and famous imported components, which makes the performance of the equipment more stable and reliable.

4. High pressure, fast heating, uniform atomization, convenient movement and easy operation to meet different users’ habits.

5. Reliable and powerful heating system can rapidly raise the temperature of raw materials to the ideal state and meet the normal operation of equipment in cold areas.

Technical Parameters

Model Reanin-K2000 Urethane Spray Foam Equipment
Applicable materials Polyurethane
The ratio of raw material 1:1
Viscosity range of raw materials 200-1000CPS (under working temperature)
Max working pressure 15MPa
Max fluid temperature 80°C
Max output 10kg/min
Max heated hose length 45m
Heater power 3000W×2
Heated hose max power 2000W
Drive model Full pneumatic
Clean mode Self-cleaning by air
Voltage (Optional) Single phase 220V 50Hz

Three phase 380V 50Hz

Whole power 9kw
Pneumatic source 0.5-0.8Mpa 1m³/min


Standard Configuration:

Reanin-K2000 mainframe 1 set
Reanin spray gun 1 set
Transfer pump 2 sets
Heated hose 15m
Transfer pump hose 2 pcs
Whip hose 2 pcs
Air pipe 1 set
Tools and spare parts 1 set
English user manual 1 set


Transportation Parameters (Based on standard configuration):

Model Reanin-K2000 Urethane Spray Foam Equipment
Package size (LXWXH) 90X75X143cm
Net weight 151kg
Gross weight 185kg


After sales service:

1.One-year warranty,

2.Factory free training,

3.Factory site service.



Q: Are you the factory or trade company?

A: We are the factory,found in 2016. It has a modern production plant of over 2,000 square meters and an excellent team of engineers.


Q: What’s the machine voltage?Can it suitable for my local place?

A: The Standard machine is Single phase 220V 50Hz or Three phase 380V 50Hz.We can also customize the voltage of your machine according to your job needs.


Q: I don’t know how to operate the machine. Can you provide tutorials?

A: Of course.We also provide links to machine operation videos and machine operation manuals.


Q: How long is the warranty of this machine?

A: Our machine warranty period is 12 months, and support lifelong consultantservice.




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