Polyurethane Insulation Spray Machine

Polyurethane Insulation Spray Machine

Product Description: Reanin-K2000 is a basic type, small and lightweight polyurethane insulation spray machine, it is suitable for polyurethane spraying and pouring in various environments, such as wall and roof…

Product Details

Product Description:

Reanin-K2000 is a basic type, small and lightweight polyurethane insulation spray machine, it is suitable for polyurethane spraying and pouring in various environments, such as wall and roof insulation, ship insulation, cold storage insulation, pipeline insulation and waterproofing, etc.

Reanin-K2000 polyurethane insulation spray machine is composed of mainframe, transfer pumps, spray gun and heated hose, each part is designed with full consideration of the convenience and safety of use, so as to make the machine smaller and more portable on the premise of ensuring product quality and spraying effect.


Product quality:

Hydraulic transmission, high pressure spraying, large output, uniform spraying pressure, construction quality and efficiency are 40% higher than ordinary pneumatic machinery. The raw materials are mixed evenly and the conversion rate is high. A series of technical measures have been taken. Reduce construction costs, facilitate construction, and ensure project quality and progress.



1. Reanin-K2000 polyurethane insulation spray machine has passed the CE certificate.

2. The whole machine adopts full pneumatic control design, which can work normally without electricity,

3. The specially designed self-cleaning polyurethane spray gun has low failure rate, requires no extensive maintenance work, and is easy to use.

4. The compact coupling structure makes the booster pump easy to disassemble and maintain.

5. ISO, POLY and HOSE three independent temperature control system, which can accurately control the temperature of raw materials and ensure good spraying effect,

6. The machine is equipped with high and low pressure triple filter devices, which can effectively filter the crystals and impurities in the raw materials, avoid damage of the booster pump and the spray gun, and avoid blocking the gun during work,

7. Accurate action counters make it easy to calculate the amount of raw materials after finish work.

8. High-precision pressure gauges can display both MPa and PSI to meet different user habits,

9. Multiple leakage protection system to ensure the safety of operators;


Technical Parameters

Model Reanin-K2000 Polyurethane Insulation Spray Machine
Applicable materials Polyurethane
The ratio of raw material 1:1
Viscosity range of raw materials 200-1000CPS (under working temperature)
Max working pressure 15MPa
Max fluid temperature 80°C
Max output 10kg/min
Max heated hose length 45m
Heater power 3000W×2
Heated hose max power 2000W
Drive model Full pneumatic
Clean mode Self-cleaning by air
Voltage (Optional) Single phase 220V 50Hz

Three phase 380V 50Hz

Whole power 9kw
Pneumatic source 0.5-0.8Mpa 1m³/min


Standard Configuration:

Reanin-K2000 mainframe 1 set
Reanin spray gun 1 set
Transfer pump 2 sets
Heated hose 15m
Transfer pump hose 2 pcs
Whip hose 2 pcs
Air pipe 1 set
Tools and spare parts 1 set
English user manual 1 set


Transportation Parameters (Based on standard configuration):

Model Reanin-K2000 Polyurethane Insulation Spray Machine
Package size (LXWXH) 90X75X143cm
Net weight 151kg
Gross weight 185kg


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