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Pu Machine For Spray polyurethane or polyurea is widely used,our machine can be widely used in building insulation and waterproofing, highway subgrade waterproofing or repairing, railway subgrade waterproofing, automobile thermal insulation and sound insulation, ship anti-corrosion and waterproofing, cold storage thermal insulation and other fields.

Equipment use environment requirements

Take polyurethane rigid foam external wall insulation as an example, please contact sales staff for other processes)

The external thermal insulation technology of sprayed polyurethane rigid foam exterior wall adopts on-site foaming technology. The construction site has relatively high requirements on the external environment such as temperature, humidity, wind power, etc. The main aspects need to pay attention to:

Temperature factor: When spraying, the ambient temperature on the spot and the surface temperature of the substrate to be sprayed should be between -5 ℃ and 50 ℃. If the temperature is too low, the adhesion between the polyester foam and the substrate will be reduced, and the density of the sprayed hard foam product will be significantly increased; if the temperature is too high, the foaming agent will be consumed too much, which is not economical.

Substrate surface factors: Polyurethane rigid foam is a polymer product produced by the mixed reaction of isocyanate and combined polyether two-component, in which the isocyanate component can easily react with water to form urea. Will become brittle, and the adhesion between the foam and the substrate will decrease. Therefore, the surface of the substrate to be sprayed is required to be clean and dry, free of rust, dust, pollution and moisture. If there is dew or frost, it should be removed and dried.

Wind factor: When spraying, the wind speed is required to be below 5m / s. Because the wind speed exceeds 5m / s, the heat generated by the reaction will be lost, which will affect the rapid foaming reaction of the polyester foam and make the product surface brittle. At the same time, because the spray foaming machine mixes the raw materials and sprays them in an atomized state, if the wind speed is too high, the atomized particles will be blown away, increasing the loss of raw materials and polluting the environment.

To prevent contact with isocyanates, appropriate personal protective equipment, including chemically impermeable gloves, boots, aprons, and goggles, is also required for everyone in the work area.

Only use the device in a well-ventilated area. If the indoor ventilation is not smooth, it should be forced.

The compressed air provided by the air compressor should be clean.

Eliminate all ignition sources; such as indicator lights, cigarettes; plastic drop cloths, and portable electric lamps.

Keep work area free of debris, including solvent, rags and gasoline.

Ground all equipment in the work area.

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