Polyurethane Spray Machine Working Principle


In this system, compressed air is provided by the air compressor as the source of power.

The air compressor provides compressed air for  transfer pumps, the mainframe, and the spray gun.

The transfer pump in operation extracts and transports the A and B materials in the barrel to the mainframe.

The main working part of the mainframe is a double-acting pneumatic booster pump, and the reversing mechanism is a pilot-type full-air-control gas distribution reversing device.

After the compressed air enters the air motor, when the air motor piston moves to the upper or lower end of the cylinder, the upper pilot valve or the lower pilot valve is operated to control the air flow, and the reversing device is instantaneously pushed to change the direction,so that the piston of the air motor is stable and continuous Reciprocating movement.

Since the piston of the air motor is rigidly connected to the piston in the booster pump, and the area of the piston of the air motor is larger than the area of the piston of the booster pump, the incoming material is pressurized.

The pressurized raw material quickly reaches the preset temperature when passing through the heating unit, and is delivered to the spray gun through the high-pressure heating hose, and finally mixed in the spray gun, and sprayed toward the surface of the object after instantaneous atomization.

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