Equipment use environment requirements


K7000 High Pressure Polyurea Coating Machine use environment requirements

(Take polyurea spray swimming pool construction as an example, please contact sales staff for other processes)

















It is required to spray polyurea waterproof material on the inner wall and bottom of the swimming pool.

Since the inner wall of the swimming pool is a brick wall, it is necessary to pre-treat the wall and then spray polyurea.

Apply polymer mortar to the pool wall and the bottom of the pool to prevent the polyurea elastomer anticorrosion layer and the substrate from being unbonded or poorly bonded.

Substrate surface treatment:Before construction, the substrate must be surface-treated, cleaned and polished with high pressure to remove or reinforce loose parts, remove dust and oil stains on the base surface, and meet the standards of no rust, no oil, no dirt, no dust, and dry surface.

Environmental temperature and humidity requirements:The construction environment temperature is between 5-35℃, the base surface temperature is at least 5℃higher than the air dew point temperature, and the humidity range should be between 30-80℃.

Ventilation conditions:Keep ventilation during construction. If the ventilation is not smooth, adopt forced convection ventilation measures.However, polyurea construction is not suitable when there is strong wind.

Clean up the scene:

Eliminate any hidden dangers that may affect the safety of construction personnel, as well as obstacles and garbage that affect work.

Antifouling around:

To prevent splashing of waterproof materials during construction, plastic sheets and other materials should be used to protect the surrounding area before construction.

lighting device:

Ensure the brightness of the construction site.

Note that in the process of spraying polyurea, the corresponding fire equipment should be prepared to avoid the occurrence of dangerous accidents.

All personnel entering the construction site during construction must wear dust-proof clothing, and no secondary pollution of the ground can occur.

Voltage:Three-Phase 220V or 380V

Power frequency:50Hz or 60Hz

Pneumatic source:0.5-0.8Mpa 1m³/min


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