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Polyurethane Foam Injection Equipment

Polyurethane Foam Injection Equipment

The Reanin-K6000 polyurethane foam injection equipment is the latest two-component, high performance hydraulic spray and injection system for a wide range of construction environments. Suitable for a variety of two-component…

Product Details

The Reanin-K6000 polyurethane foam injection equipment is the latest two-component, high performance hydraulic spray and injection system for a wide range of construction environments. Suitable for a variety of two-component materials, polyurea elastomer, water-based polyurethane, polyurethane foam, polyurethane adhesive, sealant and so on.



1. Polyurethane spray on wall & roof,

2. Polyurea spray for waterprrof & anticorrosion,

3. Construction seam filling,

4. Cold storage spray insulation,

5. Tank and pipe spray insulation,

6. Polyurethane foam for package cushioning,

7. Car roof spray insulation,

8. Highway, railway, automobile, watercraft, mining petroleum, electrical industry, food industry etc.



1. Reanin-K6000 polyurethane foam injection molding equipment has passed CE certification.

2. The equipment has low failure rate, convenient movement, convenient operation, fast heating speed, uniform spraying and saving 10% material.

3. The control panel is simple to set up and easy to operate.

4. The equipment uses a specially designed two-way booster pump to ensure low back pressure fluctuations and smoother working pressure.

5. Unique ISO anti-cure protection design and shutdown reset function to provide double protection for the booster pump shaft.

6. This machine is equipped with high-power heater, adopts the original variable frequency heating technology, the heating speed is faster, the temperature fluctuation is smaller, and the raw material is always in the ideal temperature setting state.

7. Built-in heater temperature sensor, real-time collection of raw material temperature, making temperature control more accurate,

8. The heating hose is covered with insulation and wear-resistant sheath for safety and durability.

9. The pressure gauge is displayed in MPa and PSI to meet different needs of customers.


Technical Parameters

Model Reanin-K6000 Polyurethane Foam Injection Equipment
Applicable materials Polyurethane and Polyurea
The ratio of raw material 1:1
Viscosity range of raw materials 200-1000CPS (under working temperature)
Max working pressure 30MPa
Max fluid temperature 80°C
Max output 15kg/min
Max heated hose length 90m
Heater power 4500W×2
Heated hose max power 3000W
Drive model Hydraulic
Clean mode Self-cleaning by air
Voltage (Optional) Three phase 220V 60Hz

Three phase 380V 50Hz

Whole power 17kw
Pneumatic source 0.5-0.8Mpa 1m³/min


Standard Configuration:

Reanin-K6000 mainframe 1 set
Reanin spray gun 1 set
Transfer pump 2 sets
Heated hose 15m
Transfer pump hose 2 pcs
Whip hose 2 pcs
Air pipe 1 set
Tools and spare parts 1 set
English user manual 1 set


Transportation Parameters (Based on standard configuration):

Model Reanin-K6000 Polyurethane Foam Injection Equipment
Package size (LXWXH) 120X90X155cm
Net weight 329kg
Gross weight 397kg


Repair and maintenance:

1. When using the motor speed control knob, you can only rotate slowly until you are satisfied with the speed.

2. When the glue tray bracket is reset, the handle of glue tray handling must be held down and slowly reset.

3. The relative motion points must be lubricated frequently.

After each shift, the residual glue must be cleaned to prevent corrosion of parts.



Q: Are you a factory or a trading company?

A: We are manufacturers and directly from Chinese suppliers.


Service concept:

Jinan jinghua bangwei equipment co., LTD. Has been providing customers with high quality and efficient service since its establishment.Our service is intimate, the manufacture is elaborate, the price is gratified, makes the customer rest assured.Customer-oriented “, to provide customers with an overall comprehensive service “service as the core”, tailored for customers to create the most valuable products.”Take the quality as the center of gravity, the omni-directional service at the door!In the sales of products, the cost performance of customer choice is our first consideration, our service pursuit refined, from pre-sale consultation, enthusiastic service to the situation of the recommended products, we are required to be refined in the details.Powerful design, development, manufacturing, installation and debugging, technical maintenance, irregular return visit, strict quality assurance and prompt after-sales service, each link has been carefully arranged to solve the customer””s worries.


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